Q. Will the Jeep tusks fit the newer bumper styles on the 2006 - 2008 Jeeps?

A. Sadly no. After decades of using the same tried and true bumper design, Daimler Chrysler saw fit to change. Current Jeeps now have a curved plastic shroud over the bumper that interferes with tusk installation. Some customers have thrown caution to the wind and using their ingenuity have cut into that plastic cover to expose the steel sub-bumper for tusk mounting. We are currently reviewing a few techniques and options and will report our findings in the near future. We may even release an adapter bracket. Stay tuned.

Q. Can my tusks be used as towing points?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Make no mistake, Primal Effects are VERY strong, rugged and durable. The likelihood of damage or breakage is almost non-existent. However, the forces exerted in towing, snatching or other recovery activities extends into the tons of pressure per square inch range, far exceeding the design limits of this material. Think of your tusks as a tubular brush guard. You would not use this to pull a buddy out of the mud. Your Primal Effects tusks are no different.

Q. Don't tusks present a danger to pedestrians and cyclists?

A. Primal Effects are specifically cast with smooth rounded corners and very blunt tips. Although any collision with a pedestrian or cyclist is tragic, tow hooks, winches, lighting and other bumper-mounted equipment have far more sharp edges that our products. Additionally, our tusks were designed to mount only in one direction. If mounted according to the package insert, the blunt tips of your tusks will be aimed skyward and curved backward.

Q. Do I need any special tools to install my Primal Effects?

A. Primal Effects products come complete with all necessary mounting hardware to install on the factory steel bumper of most Jeep CJ or Wrangler vehicles, FJ-40 Toyota Landcruisers or the Hummer H2 depending on the model you purchase. Installation should take 15 - 30 minutes using common hand and power tools. Depending upon the make, year, model or aftermarket bumper of your specific vehicle, some drilling may be required on Jeep models. No drilling is required on Hummer models. For more info on installation, feel free to download our instructional inserts in PDF format.

Jeep and Toyota Instructions (206k PDF)
Hummer Instructions (221k PDF)

Q. Can my tusks be painted?

A. Because of the satin, bead-blasted texture of the product, they will readily accept most paints easily. In time, we will be offering powder coating in various colors as well as mirror polished.

How do I take care of my tusks?

A. Because they are cast from SOLID heat-treated aluminum, Primal Effects tusks are virtually indestructible and completely rust-proof. Caring for them is as simple as occasionally scrubbing them off with a Brillo pad or steel wool. Over time, they will develop a subtle gloss that gives them a very nice look. Otherwise, you can paint and wash them as you would the rest of your vehicle.

Q. Will your Tusks fit my aftermarket bumper or tubular brushguard?

A. That depends. Virtually any shape adapter bracket may be fashioned by the person with the right tools and expertise, but the product is designed primarily to fit virtually any flat-faced angular bumper with no modification necessary. In the case of the Hummer H2, the product is purpose-built to fit specific junctions on the factory-installed tubular brush guard. Only Hummers with this brushguard may use the product. We offer no adapter kits for mounting the product on the grille or hood. The H2 simply lacks any alternate mounting surface except by a very skilled fabricator. If you are in doubt, contact us with your specific application and will attempt to assist you in fitting.

Q. Are they durable?

A. All Primal Effects brush guards are cast from SOLID A356 aluminum and heat treated to T5 hardness. This gives the product an equivalent tensile strength of over 32,000 psi. Once mounted they will feel as though they are part of the bumper. This material does not flex. Any perceptible flex you find when grabbing the tusk and applying force in any direction is in the bumper itself. Additionally, the surface treatment helps to protect against incidental scratches and abrasions from common off-roading activities. Unless abused by towing or recovery, which is beyond the design capabilities of the product, your Primal Effects should outlast the vehicle itself.

Q. What happens if my Primal Effects break?

A. Each unit is produced using a proprietary casting method that allows for the detection of post-manufacture stresses. Thus if any Primal Effects unit fails, simply return it for evaluation. If our testing confirms the presence of defects in manufacturing and workmanship, we will replace the unit at no charge within one year of purchase. No replacement will be offered if testing confirms that the units were subject to stresses associated with towing, recovery or collision.

Q. This isn't fair! Why is the Hummer model more expensive?

A. As much as it may seem that we are gouging those folks that drive the premium-priced vehicle, the fact is that the H2 tusks have a dramatically different mounting system that is more costly to produce. Where the Jeep version mounts to a simple flat surface, the H2 model must mate to a bumper-mounted brush guard. A good fits required the tusks to a have a very close-tolerance series of half-round channels that prevent rotation and ensure a solid mount. Long story short, the tooling necessary to produce these units involved more engineering and fabrication, hence a more costly end product.

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