A request for exchange or refund will be honored ONLY as follows:

General returns must occur within thirty (30) days of receipt of product. Returns for reason of damage or defect must be returned within 1 year of receipt of product. Date of receipt is determined by the FedEx tracking information pertaining to your order.

The product must be carefully packaged and returned with all original parts. If broken, you must return all pieces for inspection. Broken product missing significant amounts of material will be rejected for replacement or refund.

Return shipping will be paid by the customer and it is highly recommended that a traceable shipping method be used. Primal Effects will not be held resposnible for returns that are lost in transit.

Return request must be accompanied by a detailed written explanation of your dissatisfaction.

We cannot be held responsible for theft of your Primal Effects product. No refund or replacement will be considered in the event of theft.

Products returned for defect or breakage will be tested by our engineering team for post-manufacturing stresses indicative of abuse from collision, towing or recovery activities. Neither refund nor replacement will be offered for units deemed to have been damaged by the customer. Please read the Did You Know? column to the left.

Product deemed to be defective will be replaced at no charge only if returned within one year by the original owner.

Product which has been drilled, tapped, sanded, polished, trimmed, filed, welded, painted, plated, powder-coated, media-blasted, anodized or otherwise altered cannot be returned.

Unlike many companies, we do not impose a restocking fee on merchandise returned for general dissatisfaction. However shipping costs associated with your original purchase will not be refunded, and return shipping must be paid by the customer.

We do not collect or maintain credit card information on file. Refunds, regardless of your original payment method will be issued by company check made out only to the original purchaser, and will be mailed within seven (7) business days of the receipt of your returned product.

Under no circumstances will replacement or refund be offered to anyone other than the original owner.

All returns must be shipped to Primal Effects, 11717 SW 99th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32608.

Your satisfaction is key...

While we strive to ensure that you are happy with your Primal Effects purchase, we fully recognize that under certain circumstances, you may wish to return your purchase for a refund. We will do everything in our power to resolve any such issues, but there are limitations and a few requirement that we ask you to observe.

Did you know?

The crystalline structure of cast aluminum allows us to test for material stresses exerted on our products after manufacturing. These tests can rapidly and positively identify the presence of strain-related microfractures that form just prior to metal failure and breakage.

As much as we would like to believe that everyone is as honest as we are, we have had instances where customers have returned products for being defective only to later find that they were broken in a traffic accident. As a small company, we cannot absorb the costs associated with this type of return and therefore reserve the right to deny a refund or exchange where abuse is evident. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.